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by Guy Furno, DC

We’ve all been to seminars throughout the years where we received so much information that it created an overload. By the time we got back to the office Monday morning, it was impossible to apply.

Like Dr. Ulan, I believe in validating everything by results. That applies to clinical procedure, and it applies to education.

For seven years, I ran a multidisciplinary practice. We had physical therapists, an orthopedic surgeon, a neurologist, acupuncturists, massage therapists, other chiropractors, and 25 office staff. I had the MD’s there primarily to document the examination process. The idea was to write scientific papers on chiropractic and “take it mainstream.”

Unfortunately, the MD’s really didn’t know what health is or how a body works. If they had ever aspired to be healers, their training had changed them. Sure, they knew about the body from a nuts-and-bolts standpoint, but it ended there. They were the wrong people to ask for validation.

I left that 60-hour-a-week grind and started over. I found myself making more money in about 24 hours a week, seeing a couple hundred patients, than I’d made with the big facility, big staff and bigger headaches.

Yet I still wasn’t satisfied. I was getting frustrated with cases that would show up with the same misalignment patterns for twenty-plus years. We kept putting things back into place and something kept throwing them out. That “something” had been discovered by Dr. Freddie Ulan, and it turned out to be a subject as fundamental and far-reaching as chiropractic itself.

Hearing Dr. Ulan speak, and watching him validate every concept with live demonstrations, renewed my purpose. He got results on every case; he’d take on anybody. While he worked, he described the “what” and “why” of every step so I could really put myself in his place and be see myself as that type of healer.

Now I have the honor of being one of his teachers at Ulan Nutritional Systems. So let’s assess the UNS teaching approach against Dr. Ulan’s checklist.

1. We always start at an easy level. You learn the basics. Understand that those aren’t necessarily the simplest concepts, but they’re the most important. We make sure you master those concepts for application.

2. When I went to school, I had instructors who’d gotten a job teaching because they didn’t make it in practice. Dr. Ulan won’t let anyone “talk the talk” who hasn’t “walked the walk” with great clinical results in a financially successful nutrition practice.

3. One of the beauties of these seminars is that you join with other like-minded individuals, who are looking for something outside the insurance industry and CEU credits. You come to the seminar because you want to start helping your patients, fixing their unresolving conditions and improving their general health. You want to be a healer; you want to get the tools so you can get the job done. Coming together like that is really a nice camaraderie for everyone.

4. Not only that, training at Ulan Nutritional Systems is laid out in such a way that you can learn it easily and understand it. Before you leave, you have to be able to apply the technique so that when you go back into the office you’re not sitting there bewildered but actually able to start using it the next day.

5. UNS seminars are marked by attendees returning again and again, not because they didn’t really get it the first time, but that they got so much out of it that they return to reinforce it and find out what else they might learn.

6. The success of the seminars is really determined by how well the attendees can apply this new  technology and how well it works for them once they return home. That is the really bottom line. For example, are you improving and making more money? Are more people coming in to see you and becoming well? If going to a seminar doesn’t change anything in your practice, that’s really not good. Attendees of UNS seminars see the results in their statistics.

7. The way to really see the worth of a seminar for yourself is to see how your colleagues actually benefit from it. Go ahead and talk to chiropractors who have attended the seminar you plan to attend. Check their graphs and statistics. What are their track records? Are their stats improving and do they see changes in their practice?

8. The nutritional patient is handled differently than a chiropractic patient. You aren’t doing things “to” him. He needs to follow a regimen of taking the supplements and making changes in his life. He needs to start taking control. It’s a one-on-one relationship where success depends on both of you working together.

9. The UNS seminars teach you to work smarter and not harder.  Everything you need to know to get patients well and run a successful practice is available here.

10. Once you find a training product that works for you, learn it systematically and stick with it. So many times a practitioner becomes a dilettante, dabbling in all sorts of things, becoming a “jack-of-all-trades and master of none.” The main thing that you have to do is to decide which technique you are going to apply. Once you decide, stick with it, starting at the beginning and working your way through it. Soon you will learn the trade and become professional at it.

The key thing here is to train. No matter what training product you purchase, it’s important for yourself, your patients, staff and even your future that you actually do the training.

I’m here to help.

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