by Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

How do you choose among the bewildering array of seminars and educational products available today? How can you identify the ones that will really bring about a measurable difference in the health of your patients?

After attending hundreds of seminars, and delivering several thousand, I know what works and what doesn’t. Use these ten points as a checklist when evaluating any education opportunity:

1.   All good training begins at an easily understood level.

2.   No matter what training seminar you choose to attend, make sure your presenters have “walked the walk” and are not just “talking the talk.”

3.   Meeting like-minded peers and enjoying one-on-one benefits are indications of good training seminars.

4.   No matter what seminar you choose to attend, make sure that the data you learn is easy to learn, and more importantly, that you are able to use it back in your office.

5.   You will find people return to excellent training workshops again and again, so remember to look for that in the workshops you are attending.

6.   Improved statistics and your expanding practice are the sensible, tangible ways to measure the value and worth of the training product you bought.

7.   Talk to and check the graphs and statistics and track records of the chiropractors who have attended the management seminar you plan to attend.

8.   The right training product results in working smarter, not harder.

9.   Find a training product that works for you, learn it systematically and stick with it.

10. Do train. No matter what training product you acquire, train for yourself, your patients, your staff, and your future.

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