BEVERLY HILLS: 21st Century Formulations ( is leading the way in the quest for a natural skin care treatment for psoriasis with the creation of their shielding lotion line, Skin MD Natural. Shielding lotions are a new concept in skin care that have been tested and proven to be unlike anything else on the market. Skin MD Natural works with skin to strengthen the skin’s own natural defensive barrier helping it to better retain moisture. This helps to greatly relieve the dry skin associated with psoriasis outbreaks.

Psoriasis is an incurable inflammatory disease of the immune system which, according to the National Psoriasis Foundation affects over 7.5 million Americans and their quality of life. Symptoms include red or silver patches of scales, skin lesions, and dry cracked skin prone to itching, burning and bleeding.

Roughly 60% of psoriasis sufferers reported that symptoms from their disease cause a large problem in their everyday life even leading them to miss an average of 26 days of work a year. This, paired with the cost of dermatologist visits and treatments brings the total direct and indirect health care costs associated with the condition to be calculated at over $11 billion a year. Finding the right natural skin care treatment for psoriasis can help improve the quality of life for many while cutting down on expensive health care costs and missed days of work.

Will Greenleaf shares why he trusts Skin MD Natural as a natural skin care treatment for his psoriasis, “Due to job-related stress, (I am a middle school English teacher) my psoriasis flared up and nothing could control it. I would find blood on papers I was passing out and my fingers would split so badly I couldn’t type. For the last two years I have tried every lotion I could and some very strong psoriasis prescription creams. I have used lotions, creams, Vaseline, aloe vera, pure lanolin, vitamin E, gab balm, Neosporin, anything and everything. Nothing could control it. My skin does not produce enough oils to keep it supple, so it splits.

“Then my doctor gave me your product Skin MD Natural to treat my psoriasis. I used it twice a day for three days and my hands healed! The shielding lotion seals my skin so that what little oil my skin produces is not lost. Unlike lotions, which cannot penetrate to the lower skin layers, MY OWN OIL is healing my skin. What can be a more natural lotion than the oils MY BODY produces? This is an excellent product, thank you!”

Skin MD Natural is committed to providing high quality natural skin care products and dry skin lotion for dry skin care. Their product line was developed by a team of innovative chemists, with over twenty years of experience developing personal care products for many internationally respected cosmetic companies. Skin MD Natural is formulated with a special blend of five natural plant extracts that provide skin with unbeatable moisture while being light weight and non-greasy. Skin MD Natural is also committed to protecting the environment and is proud to say Skin MD Natural and Skin MD Natural + SPF 15 are manufactured in the United States using 100% solar power, free of animal products and animal testing. Their blog, containing regular skin care tips, can be found at