By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN


One of the things that everyone of us alternative healthcare practitioners has in common—and I know this as a fact based on experience because it’s proven to me at every seminar with the number of guys who come to me wanting to be checked—is that every one of us has a health challenge. Every one of us is in this field to one degree or another because of our own health challenges. And if we’re suffering, what’s going on with the public? Yet each one of us know some secrets here.

We have to take more responsibility for becoming more effective so that we can actually be taking care of ourselves. Probably one of the most important things that helped me recover (because this body was pretty close to being dead in 1991) was my association with another doctor who knew how to do the work—and we kept each other healthy. I worked on my wife and he worked on his wife, and every once in a while my wife got something I couldn’t handle, and his wife would get something he couldn’t handle, and the next thing you know, I’m taking care of his wife, he’s taking care of my wife. But the bottom line is that we took care of each other.

My objective when I come out to teach is not to be the only one who can check somebody up front. That’s not my goal. I’m not trying to be an “only one” here. I’m trying to get everyone else up to the same level of skill and enthusiasm and competence. We should just have a meeting of the Masters. That’s what it should be.

But what’s it going to take? It starts with responsibility; it starts with purpose. Each of you has a purpose of helping as many others as you possibly can. And if you put your attention on that, all of your other problems will be resolved. Your financial problems will be resolved. Your energy problems will be resolved. I just want to tell you, there’s nothing more energizing than a successful practice that’s actually healing people. There’s nothing more energizing than that. I can’t think of anything more exhausting than a half-baked practice where you’re hardly seeing enough people and, you know, some of them get well…it’s very, very exhausting.

What’s exciting and invigorating is seeing patient after patient getting well. It’s an age reversal. It actually does reverse your age. And each one of us, regardless of our chronological age has a physiological age—and I’ll tell you, your physiological age gets reversed in direct proportion to the degree that you are effective in this kind of work. I stand here as a living example of that.

What I challenge each of you to do, and I’d like each of you to accept this challenge, is to get a map of the United States and put a pin in the location where your office is, then draw a circle around that pin. It can be as wide or as narrow as you want, but that circle should reflect the area that you want to take full responsibility for using what you know so that you can have a positive impact.

What’s my job in all this? My job in all this is to get enough guys together, enough guys onto this purpose. This is a self-assigned job that I have. Nobody said, “Freddie, go do this.” I just woke up one day and realized somebody’s got to do it and since I recognized the need, it better be me. The boots are there. I put them on and they fit, so I’m walking in them.

If I can get everybody who I can reach to actually put a pin in the map and make a circle around that pin (it can be a big circle or a little circle…that’s okay with me), it just needs to be the one that indicates what part of that map you’re going to take responsibility for. My job then becomes; how many guys can I get to take responsibility to do that? So, that eventually we got the whole map covered.

Interestingly, some of the guys that we’ve gotten to put the map and the pin have become so successful that we’ve had to help them get associates in and groom their practice. And some of those guys are coming right off the top and they’re joining us…you know, I’m getting some help at this end.

You know every great movement in the United States started out with one guy with an idea. And it doesn’t ever take more than a handful of people to create major change if they’re organized. You don’t have to have 20,000 of us doing the right thing. We could probably turn this whole country around with about 1,000 of us doing the right thing really effectively. A thousand, that’s no big deal. I speak to 1,000 people every year when I do my seminars….at least 1,000.

So that’s what we’re working toward. Getting this map covered with guys who know how to help sick people get well. And the key to that is, is your practice capable of achieving the goal you just set out for yourself when you did that circle? Is your practice set up so that you could actually achieve taking full responsibility for all the people in that circle?

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