Building Cleaning Services Encourages Home Owners to be Vigilant about Mold

LOS ANGELES, CA: Building Cleaning Services (BCS) (, a mold removal company based in Los Angeles, is frequently called to determine the degree of mold damage in homes being sold. A US News report addressed this in an article in March this year headlined: “Is Your Home a Death Trap? You May Be Eligible for Compensation.” “Discovering toxins in your home is often terrifying—it’s not just lowering the value of your home, but it’s also potentially causing long-lasting health problems,” writer Devon Thorsby reported. However, not everyone has the money to shell out to fix a problem they didn’t see coming,” Thorsby stated.

Aware of this, BCS works with home-owners and insurance companies to fully brief them on mold and their options as well as how, under California law, mold removal companies should also be requiring the owner to have asbestos testing if remediation is called for.

US News provided good advice; Check local laws regarding disclosing home defects in a real estate transaction. “Most states require a seller to disclose any known defects, whether it’s possible mold, knowledge of asbestos in the insulation, the presence of lead-based paint or a recent radon gas test revealing elevated levels in the home.”

Also, check the insurance policy to ensure it does cover mold remediation.

BCS recommends those selling their property to fully disclose if mold or hazardous materials are present in the home. It is a less expensive option to a lawsuit that could result in significant damages being awarded, especially if the new owners or their family become ill within months of purchasing the property.

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