Company Seeks To Raise Awareness Of Repairing Home Foundation Construction Difficulties

LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction Inc. ( seeks to raise awareness of home owners to the importance of the necessity of home foundation repairs, foundation construction or older structures requiring maintenance. The company is recommending the use of helical piles for some structures that could greatly assist a foundation requiring retrofitting maintenance.

The purpose of a foundation is to support and spread the weight of the structure that sits on top of it. A foundation can become damaged due to poor soil conditions, moisture and foliage. Foundation problems can lead to cracks in walls and tiles, bowed walls and sloping floors. It can even become difficult to open and shut windows and doors. One solution to stabilizing foundations is the installation of helical piles, also referred to as screw piles. A helical pile is a steel shaft with blades attached in a spiral pattern, similar to a wood screw. The pile is attached at the foundation on one end, and screwed into the ground on the other. Not only do they stabilize a structure, they can also increase load bearing capacities in a retrofit.

Julian De La Torre was stated the following regarding the procedure: “Many people do not realize their foundation sometimes needs repair. It is something that needs to be inspected. Helical piles are a good solution for a home needing foundation retrofitting, because they are not very expensive, the installation can be fast and they are very strong, with a high load capacity. People should get their home inspected to see if their foundation is safe.”

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