New Foundation Checklist Can Help Spot Indicators Of Foundation Damage Early

LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction Inc., ( a foundation construction and foundation repair company in the Los Angeles area, recently drew up a checklist for use in detecting foundation problems in a home. The checklist can be used by a homeowner without training in the field of home foundation repair or structural inspection, to look for early signs of foundation problems. These are problems which, according to the company, would lead to bigger structural problems down the road if left unhandled. The full checklist can be found on the company’s website:

Shawn Kyles, Julian Construction’s chief building inspector, wrote the checklist as one that homeowners, “…can use to spot situations that are an indicator of foundation damage as well as problems that can lead to foundation trouble.”

A few of the 11 points on the checklist are:

– If you have sprinklers, make sure the water is not draining into your home or basement. The soil around your home may need grading to ensure proper water drainage.

– Check the plumbing for leaks and loose fitting pipes.

– If you have a slab foundation, look for warm spots or moisture on the slab. There may be a pipe leak under the slab.

– Do you have a fireplace? Look for cracks in the brick that may have resulted from settlement.

– Looks for interior wall and ceiling cracks, which are also signs of foundation problems.

Mr. Kyles further stated: “The safety of your family is also at stake. When foundation problems are ignored, the building’s structural integrity becomes increasingly compromised. During an earthquake, there is a greater chance of the home shifting off of its foundation. Even minor seismic activity could lead to a wall or roof collapse depending on the severity of the foundation problem.”

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