By Niko Papaheraklis

Choosing the color for the various rooms in your home is more important than you may think. The color you choose tells people how to feel in that space. Do you want to give your home a more modern feel? Maybe you want your home to feel homey and traditional? No matter which way you go, choosing the correct colors will be vital. Below, we’ve laid out a few tips to help guide you in choosing the colors for your home.

Colors evoke certain emotions

Colors can make us feel happy or sad, hungry or relaxed, and even energetic or tired. Ever wonder why many fast food restaurants have the color red in them? It’s because red tends to make us feel hungry. Blue on the other hand lends itself to professionalism, calm, and cool – which is probably why many social media platforms use blue as their main color (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to name a few).

This same concept applies to the rooms in your home. How do you want people to feel while they’re in the kitchen or living room? Do you want each room to evoke a different emotion or do you want people to generally feel the same throughout your entire home? These questions can help you come up with a color scheme.

Modern vs Traditional

When you think of modern, what colors come to mind? Probably grays, silvers, white and black. Tech companies do a great job of utilizing these colors – Apple is a great example of this because their entire product line is mostly silver.

On the flip side, when you think of a traditional home, you may think of warmer colors such as browns, dark reds, and beige. This gives a warm and homey feeling, whereas modern colors give a more light and simplistic feeling.

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