By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN


Due to greatly expanded knowledge in the subject of applied clinical nutrition, as derived from Royal Lee, Frances Pottenger, Weston Price, and Dr. Melvin Page, the fathers of clinical nutrition, we now have the potential to take our rightful position as true holistic healers. We can stop the dwindling spiral of patients and restore the ability to hold corrective adjustments and assist the body to repair itself. Through nutrition and detoxification, we can restore enough tissue integrity to enable patients to hold an adjustment and restore lost health. Our time has come.

Today more than ever, people are much more aware of the need for nutrition. Anytime I get on a plane and somebody asks me, “What do you do for a living?” If I say, “I’m a chiropractor,” they say, “Oh, yeah, my back went out once.” But if I say I specialize in holistic healing and nutrition they immediately start a stream of conversation that literally will last an entire trip across the country. They relate all the grave conditions they’ve got and all the health difficulties, their fear of pharmaceuticals and other so-called conventional treatments and ask questions about which vitamins they should be taking, etc., etc. It’s a very high interest item because the public intuitively knows that their health could be greatly improved and that they would have less need for pharmaceuticals or worry about the harmful side effects. This situation has been evolving over the last 10-20 years.

I never considered that I was actually a pioneer back in the 1990’s when I began introducing nutrition into my practice. But looking at the trend and what’s occurred since then, I see that by whatever good luck or God’s grace, I was certainly ahead of the curve.

I’ve been called upon to offer assistance, help, guidance, and consulting to hundreds of practitioners who would like to add a successful nutritional component to their practice but are not getting the results they desire and know are possible. They meet continual non-compliance and resistance when they try to provide potentially health restoring nutritional products.

In the main, the chiropractors who are having this problem are trying to simply add some nutrition in the hopes of increasing their effectiveness with their patients and to add a profitable nutritional component. Many are trying to practice nutrition from a symptom viewpoint as they lack a reliable, easy to implement, easily duplicated system for analyzing the body. Selling these palliative (relieving symptoms without dealing with the cause of the condition) nutritional products as add-ons to a chiropractic visit is a problem. Patients who come in for an insurance reimbursable adjustment uniformly resist paying for anything that they will not be reimbursed for.

The truth of the matter is that in the past two decades of providing effective nutritional solutions that truly change the health of our patients, we have repeatedly proven to ourselves that it is the hidden causes of the subluxation that must be effectively addressed. We must find these in order to fully enable adjustments to hold and nerve interference to be permanently relieved following the administration of competent chiropractic manipulative care.

We’ve proven over and over and over again that the reason a joint is chronically inflamed is not that it’s missing those trendy supplements that are supposed to repair joints. In most cases, there’s also an internal, intrinsic factor that is affecting the joints, and unless you identify and address these, and provide correct nutritional solutions, your nutritional approach will be palliative at best.

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