Homeowners Putting Off Inspection and Repair Can Contribute to Worsening Damage

LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction, Inc. (http://www.julianconstruction.com) a Los Angeles based foundation inspection and foundation repair company, raised concerns over homeowners putting off regular inspection and repair of foundation damage and other structural situations. The company has noted a growing tendency of homeowners to put off these inspections and repairs, and is taking steps to raise awareness on the subject. Julian Construction, Inc., has been working in the foundation construction and repair field over 10 years.

Shawn Kyles, professional building inspector, stated: “Approximately 1 in 5 homeowners put off making repairs. Remember that waiting to fix problems often results in more significant damage and escalated costs. The safety of your family is also at stake. When foundation problems are ignored, the building’s structural integrity becomes increasingly compromised. During an earthquake, there is a greater chance of the home shifting off of its foundation. Even minor seismic activity could lead to a wall or roof collapse depending on the severity of the foundation problem.”

To help homeowners keep track of such essential inspections and repairs, Mr. Kyles recently published a checklist of common foundation problems: http://julianconstruction.com/new-year-foundation-checklist/

Julian De La Torre, founder of Julian Construction, stated: “The tendency can be for some to put these things off, but the people we’ve talked to who keep up their repairs don’t have these problems. If your home is fully repaired then you have the peace of mind knowing your home is safe. Because such things will have to be handled eventually, it is far better to address them early before they develop into more serious problems.”

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