Company Says Foundation Damage Signs Important To Know To Prevent Safety Problems

LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction Inc., (, a Los Angeles foundation repair specialist company, is making some of the signs of foundation damage in a home known to homeowners in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. The company is making the information known to increase public awareness of structural safety and the role that the condition of a home foundation’s stability plays in this. The company also urges that signs of foundation problems should be handled as quickly as possible with foundation repair for the safety of all of the home’s occupants.

According to Shawn Kyles, Julian Construction’s co-owner, some of the main reasons why a foundation fails are bad design, poor soil conditions or moisture issues. Bad design may include inadequate support or reinforcement, incorrectly cured cement or too thin a foundation. Poor soil conditions can be seen in soil that expands when wet and contracts when dry. Plumbing leaks or inadequate drainage can create moisture issues. After these factors or similar factors are present then foundation settlement can be seen, showing up with wall cracks, sloping floors or doors or windows that will not open properly. If any of the above are seen in a home, Mr. Kyles recommend the homeowner address it at once before foundation damage creates a safety problem.

Julian De La Torre, owner and founder of Julian Construction, Inc., stated: “We do a lot of foundation repair in our business. The problem is in a lot of places, foundation damage is much more common than people suspect. We find that people are just not aware of the signs of danger until it becomes a very serious problem. If a homeowner can recognize the signs early then much more foundation damage can be prevented.”

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