PALMDALE, CA: Dr. Yasser Sadek, (, a University of Southern California trained dentist founded Palmdale Children’s Dental and is offering dental care for small children to Antelope Valley residents.

Dr. Sadek has been practicing dentistry in California since 1995. However it wasn’t until he became concerned about the number of both children and adults with dental phobia that he set about developing an approach to eliminate fear from dentistry. His approach focuses on three features:

1. Assessing the patient’s emotional state and elevating or improving it.
2. Open communication to empower the patient.
3. Modified dental techniques to minimize discomfort.

Dr. Sadek operates a well established pediatric practice in Palmdale, CA where his above approach is successfully empowering young patients and helping them receive more comfortable dental treatment. Dr. Sadek has a way of connecting with children to make them feel at ease. He treats children as smart little people who are capable of making the right decision once they are educated about dental health. Dr. Sadek gains so much trust with young patients that he rarely uses anesthetics and instead only uses nitrous oxide, which increases the safety and comfort of their treatment.

Monique, a past patient of Dr. Sadek stated: “Very pleased with the attention and handling of my son as a patient and myself as a parent! On both of our visits, I’ve received good customer service from the front desk. My three-year-old son has received quality care from the back office/dental assistants as well. I enjoy all the little ways they make this a great place for children! From the play area in the waiting room, to the animal faced instruments, to the personal dental chair movie options! It’s great! The doctor/dentist is a sweet man! My son even reached for him and hugged him as we said goodbye.”

Dr. Sadek is also the co-author of a new book on dentistry entitled “A Reason to Smile: Fixing Broken Confidence With Cosmetic Dentistry.” The book can be found on Amazon at:

Dr. Sadek is a member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and American Endodontic Association. He has also served as treasurer, vice president and president of the Yosemite Dental Society. He has always been an active member of the community he serves by donating time and money. He routinely works with the local head start programs, sponsors youth athletic teams and events for the local police department.

Dr. Sadek provides a full range of dental care services for children at Palmdale Children’s Dental in Palmdale, California. Dr. Sadek has over two decades of dental experience, including pediatric, endodontics, orthodontics, implants and cosmetic dentistry. You can visit the dental practice’s website at and their blog can be seen at The practice can be reached by phone at 661-266-0300.