Aero & Marine Tax Professionals Helps Company Obtain Sales Tax from California BOE

SACRAMENTO, CA: Aero & Marine Tax Professionals Inc., ( a tax firm in the Northern California area specializing in aircraft and marine vessel tax consulting, recently assisted a dog boarding and training business with the sales tax exemption on the purchase of a company airplane, a Carbon Cub CC11-160. The tax exemption was obtained from the California Board of Equalization (BOE).

An executive from the company stated: “We were looking to expand our California based dog boarding and training business into Oregon or Washington. The aircraft purchase really helped the relocation effort by helping me to get to numerous meetings in Oregon. Traveling between California, Oregon and Washington is close enough that the commercial airlines are rather cumbersome, but far enough that driving is a drag. Even an airplane as slow as mine brought everything within reach in a much more effective way. The freedom to fly directly helped. I had the number for Aero & Marine Tax Professionals in my book for quite a while. Working with them was fine. Everything was positive and straightforward. I would recommend them to others.”

Tom Alston, founder and owner of Aero & Marine Tax Professionals, stated: “Working with this company went very well. Overall the case did not provide any twists or turns for us and there were no doubts that there would be a successful outcome. We look forward to working with them again if the opportunity presents itself.”

Aero & Marine Tax Professionals shows purchasers how to avoid aircraft tax and vessel tax in California and to make certain the full value of their next aircraft, vehicle or vessel goes into their pocket–not the government’s. They have successfully filed hundreds of tax returns with the California State Board of Equalization. Mr. Alston has also published many articles on sales and use tax. His blog can be seen at