by Dave Horwedel, EA

The IRS is offering an IP PIN to taxpayers who request them.  If you are concerned that someone may steal your refund or file something incorrect with the IRS under your name or Social Security Number, this offers an extra layer of protection.

In prior years only taxpayers who had been the victims of Identity theft could apply.  Now it is available to all taxpayers who apply.

Now, if you get an IP PIN and it is not put in the proper box on your tax return, your e-filed return will be rejected.  This happens about a dozen times a year in my tax practice because taxpayers tell us they do not have one, but they actually do.

So if you do get one, please be sure to let us know.

It is a good security tool.  However, it is also extra work and if you do not go through your mail and take out the IRS letter with the 6-digit Identity Protection PIN in it, then it just hampers your tax filings.

I would recommend those who have been the victims of Identity Theft or are concerned a scammer might file a bogus return to get a refund redirected to a bank account the scammer controls, to get an IP PIN.

Here is a video from the IRS on how to get yourself an Identity Protection PIN if you want one.

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