By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

With the vertebral subluxation, the chiropractor has the “breaker switch,” but why do we have to keep adjusting the same bone—the same breaker switch—over and over and over? Because of the ingestion of so-called “food” and the deficiencies and the toxicities therein.

If we are to be true healers, we must concentrate not only on handling the recurring “breaker-switch syndrome” and their subluxations, but equally on correcting the dietary and toxicity factors that are so often the cause of those recurring subluxations.

What we can and must do is educate our patients about what nutrition really is and the impact of improper foods on their health. We must assist them to undo the wrongs done, which usually includes providing them with dietary guidelines they can follow and specifically designed nutritional supplement support to get them “over the hump” while we move the vertebra back in place and allow the function of the nerve to “functionate” normally. It is amazing how much better our adjustments work in enabling our patients’ bodies to hold their correction when these dietary violations are gradually addressed and when correct nutritional supplementation is included in the overall health-improvement program.

Employing nutrition as D. D. Palmer advises, we are not simply dispensing vitamins, we must educate our patients to correct their diet in order to, as he states, “quit giving improper food.”

D.D. Palmer made this nutrition rallying cry in 1910, decades before the advent of “fast food” restaurants. At that time, people didn’t even have that much improper food available! Even so, it was creating problems. Now the standard American diet (SAD) is much closer to being composed of 95% improper foods for most of our patients. If we just attempt to enforce “proper diet” on our patients, they will reduce their visits and eventually leave our offices. They can’t do it. That’s why I had to evolve nutrition patient management technology to give each practitioner the ability to greatly assist the patient in how to implement correct dietary strategies for life. The spinal manipulation patient is not the same as a nutrition patient, and when we first started implementing correct nutritional support into our practices, there were no proven procedures developed to manage these patients.

This was resolved by creating the patient management training that was vital to achieve another prediction by D.D. Palmer. He stated:

“In the near future, chiropractic will be as much valued for its preventative qualities as it is now for adjusting and relieving the cause of ailments.”

How could chiropractic achieve this “value for its preventive qualities” if it didn’t include nutrition? Unless correct nutrition is determined and corrected in the patient, you cannot stop the creation of subluxations. As long as the person is subluxating, they are going to develop dis-ease.

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