Construction Company Advises Homeowners On Foundation Replacement

LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction Inc., (, a Los Angeles foundation repair and foundation construction company, recently released a public notice urging homeowners to not attempt a DIY foundation replacement project. The company gave some of the steps of replacing a foundation and its reasons why a homeowner should seek a professional construction contractor to fix such foundation problems.

Julian Construction’s co-owner, Mr. Shawn Kyles, stated: “Replacing a foundation can be a complicated and involved process depending on the size of the structure, its location and the extent of the damage.” He went on to explain a bit about the process of replacing a foundation. Most often the two things needing replacement are the foundation walls and the cement slab. The house is lifted several feet above the foundation, and all utilities must be off. A trench is dug around the house as well. Then the foundation’s walls can be taken out, followed by the basement slab. The dirt under the slab is inspected and if it is properly compacted then new cement can be poured. Sometimes additional supports, such as steel beams, are needed. At this point the utilities can be put back on and the home restored to its original condition.

Mr. Kyles further stated: “Replacing a foundation is a worst-case scenario when it comes to foundation damage. Regular home inspections will often uncover foundation problems before they become serious. If foundation replacement is called for, then a qualified specialist should inspect the structure and give his recommendation for how the foundation should be repaired. Every foundation’s conditions are different, a professional foundation contractor can execute the needed repairs for that structure to make sure it is safe.”

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