APPLE VALLEY, MN – Brite Smiles Dental Care (, in Apple Valley is urging the public to get regular dental care and is listing out numerous articles showing the various benefits of regular dental care.

Dr. Dennis Simmons, founder of Brite Smiles Dental Care stated: “If a patient comes in routinely for their preventative dental services, their out of pocket expense is usually less and the overall cost of dental care is less. Their health is better overall, including their heart health. So patients should come in before the end of the year and use up their maximum insurance benefits. These various articles show the benefits of regular preventive dental care.”

  • 6 things a dental cleaning can do for you – Delta Dental
    This article covers 6 Benefits of regular oral hygiene visits including: prevention of cavities and tooth loss; brightening your smile; freshening your breath; boosting your overall health and saving money.
  • 10 Benefits of Clean Teeth and A Healthy Mouth
    This article from Evolve Dental goes into more detail about the benefits of regular preventive dentistry visits including: money savings, freshening your breath, staying kissable, preventing gum disease, reducing your chances of heart attack and stroke, minimizing chances of diabetes, having healthy babies, preventing dementia and removing stains!
  • Preventive Dentistry: Care Today, Savings Tomorrow
    This article from the consumer guide to dentistry covers all the ways that regular dental care can save money. They cover when you should start seeing a dentist and how you can continue your oral hygiene at home. It also goes over the different things the dentist does to promote oral health such as yearly X-rays, fluoride rinses as well as how orthodontics can help keep your lifetime dental costs down as well.
  • The Importance of Regular Dental Visits
    This article from Oral-B covers the importance of regular dental visits. It tells readers how often they should see the dentist and covers the different parts of their oral exam, the head and neck exam, their clinical dental exam and their actual cleaning.
  • Dental Visits May Provide Health Benefits Beyond Your Teeth: Study Says
    This article from the Huffington Post covers a study done linking dental cleanings to heart health.

Dr. Dennis Simmons graduated from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 1976, receiving the Class Honor in prosthetics – dentures partial and full. Since then he has participated in over 3000 hours of continuing education courses, focusing primarily on cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, dental implants and implant-supported restorations, orthodontics, extractions, crown/bridge, root canals, bite and TMJ disorders, and sleep apnea. For his studies, he has been honored with the status of “Diplomate” from the International Congress of Oral Implantology and the International Osseous (bone) Integration Society. For more information on orthodontics services and options from Brite Smiles Dental Care, visit, or call 952-891-8484.