HeartCell.org Names Countries Where Stem Cells Treatment is Legal and Offers Assistance to Patients Searching for Clinics

Los Angeles – HeartCell (http://www.heartcell.org), a free informational resource guide for cardiac stem cell therapy, has named several countries where stem cell treatments shown to be safe have been given government sanction. These countries include Japan, Argentina, Jordan, Panama, Singapore, Australia, and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. (Note: This list is not intended to be comprehensive.) Although facilities performing such procedures may not yet be common in these countries, HeartCell.org keeps track of qualified clinics and can assist patients to connect with stem cell clinics that can deliver needed treatments in a safe and effective manner.

Notably absent from the list of countries is the United States, wherein the FDA’s review of new medical procedures can lag behind the European Union’s by several years, as the FDA’s review load also includes not only food and drugs, but vaccines, medical devices, cosmetics and even veterinary products. However, bone marrow transplants—stem cells treatments to handle conditions such as leukemia by transplanting the blood-creating stem cells located in the bone marrow—have been successfully and legally used in the U.S. for decades.

Stem cell research and therapy shows a lot of promise,” says the founder of HeartCell.org. “Cardiac cell therapy can be used to help patients where the usual treatments of stents and bypass surgery have failed to markedly improve the situation. One such procedure, tested under trial, is through the use of catheters [specialized tubes] and is being implemented in a new state-of-the-art clinic by a U.S. licensed veteran cardiologist. We are happy to assist patients to connect with such places, where patient safety is paramount and where trial-tested techniques are used.”

Adult stem cell therapy (not to be confused with the so far result-barren field of embryonic stem cell research) is the use of stem cells, usually extracted from the patient’s own body, to assist his body in repairing damaged tissue. As stem cells are what originally generated all cell types in the body during its growth, they are also capable of repairing or replacing damaged tissue.

To read more about cardiac cell therapy, visit http://www.heartcell.org/stem-cell-heart-treatment/ To contact HeartCell.org for recommendations of clinics or for suggestions for your further research, email info@heartcell.org.

HeartCell.org does not give out medical advice and none of the information contained in it should be construed to be such. HeartCell.org makes no claims that stem cell treatment, nor any medical treatment, is a cure for any illness, disease or malady. HeartCell.org is strictly informational in nature and exists to help others research and better understand the possible benefits that can be derived from the safe, proper and effective use of stem cells.